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DELIVERY: The items are delivered via DHL, SAIMA AVANDERO or QUICK PACK. Customers’ orders are fulfilled according to the quantity of products available and will be dispatched within 3/10 days. In case only a few of the products ordered are not available and/or are in stock (they will be listed on the delivery note you will find inside the package under the heading TO BE DELIVERED), Olympian's S.r.l. commits to immediately deliver the products as soon as they will be available again and to bear the delivery charges relating to the delivery of the remaining products. If a product is unavailable because the supplier has stopped producing it for good, Olympian's S.r.l. will recommend the customer a product of similar quality and price. In case the customer declines such suggestion, Olympian's S.r.l. will proceed, in the event of an advanced payment, to refund the unavailable product.

PAYMENT: The order can be paid in advance by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or PayPal. The prices shown in the catalogue already include the VAT rates currently in force, and do not include delivery charges. Any possible legislative changes concerning VAT variations or other sales taxes will result in an adjustment on the delivery note. We do not issue invoices unless they were requested jointly with the order and accompanied by the tax code and the VAT Reg. No..


COMPLAINTS OR RETURNING THE GOODS: Thanks to the "satisfied or reimbursed" warranty, the customer has 14 days, starting from the delivery of the goods, to lodge possible complaints or to return the items he/she is not satisfied with. We only accept items that have not been worn or used, preserved in their original package. Resend the goods with a copy of the delivery note via ordinary parcel – not COD – to the following address: OLYMPIAN'S s.r.l. - Via Brodolini 35 - 500063 Figline Valdarno (FIRENZE) ITALY Please always keep the delivery note and the postal or currier receipt of the returned parcel for possible clarifications. Introduce the copy of the delivery note in the parcel, having previously filled out the relevant Replacement Form: on the back, where shown, indicate the returned items, specifying your reasons and the possible items requested as a replacement. The items requested as a replacement will be sent without further postal charges. If a reimbursement is requested, a banker’s cheque corresponding to the value of the duly returned goods will be sent by post. We do not reimburse the fixed contribution and the cash on delivery fee. The charges for resending the product will be paid by the customer in full. Parcels returned COD will not be collected. Exemptions The following types of products are excluded from the aforementioned conditions for replacing the items: • the supply of foodstuffs, beverages and other common consumer goods for domestic use; • the supply of custom-packaged goods, goods that have been clearly personalized or goods that – owing to their nature – cannot be re-sent for the risk of deterioration or alteration; • the supply of audiovisual products and software, sold sealed and opened by the consumer; • the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines. • absence of elements forming an integral part of the product (accessories, instruction manuals, etc.), damages suffered by the product for reasons other than transport. The right of withdrawal applies to consumers exclusively (individuals who do not purchase the goods for purposes tied to their own professional, commercial or entrepreneurial activity), and hence does not apply to legal persons and individuals acting for purposes related to their possible profession.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON EQUIPMENT: All items of equipment do not include weights unless expressly indicated. The items ordered are delivered packaged and disassembled; the assembly will be performed by the purchaser. Transportation occurs via private courier, deliveries to specific floors of a building or using flights of stairs and/or lifts must be explicitly requested prior to delivery, and entail an additional cost. Olympian's S.r.l. cannot be held responsible for the difficulty or impossibility of access and/or of positioning the machines requested in the areas specified by the customer. All the machines support Olympic weights Ø 50 mm, unless otherwise indicated. In case of bulky products, the cost of transport will be calculated also considering the product's total volume. As soon as we receive the order you will be immediately contacted and you will be informed of the transport costs and the delivery methods and times. If the goods are returned or not collected, Olympian's Srl reserves the right to terminate the contract withholding the guarantee deposit as a reimbursement.

WARRANTY FOR EQUIPMENT: Equipment for Home Gym (Domestic) use for individuals: 24 months, if used correctly. 6 months for cushions and paddings, bearings, pulleys, cables, if used correctly and have not suffered damages or carelessness from the end user. Always verify the condition of the items of equipment prior to use. Use original spare parts exclusively. Do not carry out alterations on the items of equipment without the manufacturer’s written consent. Failure to do so will entail the cancellation of the warranty and of the product liability clause.

Equipment for professional use: 12 months, if used correctly. 6 months for cushions and paddings, bearings, pulleys, cables, if used correctly and have not suffered damages or carelessness from the end user. The responsibility for the maintenance and use of the items of equipment rests exclusively with the purchaser. Use original spare parts exclusively. Do not carry out alterations on the items of equipment without the manufacturer’s written consent. Failure to do so will entail the cancellation of the warranty and of the product liability clause WARNING: it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment in presence of children. The equipment must not be used by people who have pacemakers, phlebitis, calculosis, acute thrombosis, cardiovascular diseases, surgery-related fresh wounds, prosthetic knees and hips, acute hernia, epilepsy, strong migraines, recently-inserted metal plates and pins, tumors. We recommend using the equipment only after having received medical clearance. All the products distributed by Olympian's Srl are guaranteed against clear manufacturing flaws for a limited period of 30 days starting from the invoice date of the first purchaser. In case of an intervention covered by the warranty, Olympian's Srl, or one of its national distributors, will proceed to repair and/or replace the damaged and/or faulty products, once they have been returned by the customer, at its own expense: the products received will then be inspected by Olympian's Srl. The Olympian's Srl warranty does not cover the possible consequences resulting from improper use and/or alteration or modification and/or abuse and/or lack of care and maintenance of the products distributed by Olympian's Srl (please refer to the specific guidelines enclosed with the items of equipment distributed by Olympian's Srl). The validity of the Olympian's Srl warranty is always subject to the compliance with the use, care and maintenance requirements of Olympian's Srl products. The Olympian's Srl warranty does not cover damages deriving from negligence in the use, care and maintenance of the products distributed by Olympian's Srl. The Olympian's Srl warranty does not cover the normal wear and tear of the products distributed by Olympian's Srl (for example: small flakes of paint peeling off from painted steel or cast iron products, or the progressive loss in colour or chrome plating intensity, considered normal and standard wear and tear of the products). The Olympian's Srl warranty is always extended to the first purchaser of the Olympian's Srl products, and is confirmed by a regular sales document, which is always enclosed with the delivery or issued in our points of sale. The warranty rights cannot be transferred. The Olympian's Srl warranty starts from the date of purchase shown on the sales document issued to the first purchaser. The Olympian's Srl warranty is always subject to the inspection of the damaged and/or broken and/or faulty products, carried out either by Olympian's Srl or one of its national distributors. The Olympian's Srl warranty does not cover the costs relating to the disassembly and transport of the products distributed by Olympian's Srl which were sent by the customers to be inspected, repaired or replaced. In the event of breakages and/or damages suffered by a product distributed by Olympian's Srl, which might be covered by the Olympian's Srl warranty, the customer should immediately file a request of warranty-covered intervention, by sending an e-mail to:

CHANGES OR UPDATES: Drawings, photos, types and features have a purely illustrative value. For the evolution or the improvement of the products, they can experience variations in structure and colour without prior warning.

DISCOUNTS FOR RETAILERS: (sports stores, gyms, sports clubs) Sport and supplement stores, gyms, barracks or sports clubs can take advantage of the special price lists for all OLYMPIAN'S SRL catalogue products. The special price list cannot be combined with other offers and does not apply to the areas covered by our retailers. To benefit from this incredible offer, the customer must send a fax (to 055 958255) or an e-mail (to, with a copy of the company’s registration with the Chamber of Commerce or deed of foundation in case of sports clubs. Prices, photos and descriptions might vary due to changing market conditions, typing mistakes, discounts or changes to tax laws. AVAILABILITY OF THE PRODUCTS The website also includes products out of stock or that cannot momentarily be purchased. Such products cannot be ordered and hence cannot be inserted in the trolley. The products available in stock are dispatched within 24 hours. At the time of placing your order, the product ordered might not be immediately available, but shown as available online, in such a case, a member of our staff will contact you to inform you of when the product is expected to be available or to suggest an alternative product. Professional Equipment: Equipment such as the Hoist and Pro-Elite professional gym machines, and Ivanko weights are all shown as available on the website but actually have to be booked and confirmed before the items desired can be sent to us from the US, the time required to have the items of equipment in question, if they are not immediately available in Olympian's Srl’s stock, can vary from 90 to 120 days, unless circumstances beyond our control occur. The timeframe for the other products can vary, depending on their availability in our suppliers’ stocks.

UNAVAILABLE PRODUCTS: Since not all our suppliers can inform us of their stock availability immediately, some products, once ordered, may not be available from our suppliers or may require additional time. Many products are imported exclusively for Italy and sometimes we can experience delays in receiving them due to delays in the delivery of containers or related to customs clearance. In case the product is not available, you will receive an e-mail or a phone call by one of our operators to solve the problem and let you know the reasons for the delay. In case you have paid in advance by credit card or Pay-pal, if one or more of the products are not available and, after we have notified you, you have not found an alternative, we will proceed to reimburse you via direct cancellation. If the order includes several products, it will be fulfilled even if a product is not available. If the order is sent incomplete, the remaining part of the order will be sent to you free of charge as soon as we will have the missing items in stock. Personal data protection code (Article 13 Legislative Decree No. 196 dated June 30th, 2003) According to the provisions of Law, we wish to inform you: • that your personal data will be processed for commercial, direct sale, promotional, managerial and statistical purposes via computerized processing with pre-established criteria; • that some data are compulsory for fulfilling the order and if you refuse to supply them you will not receive the goods ordered; other data (for example your telephone No.), are optional and allow the company to improve its service to the customer; refusal to supply such data does not entail consequences; • that the data will not be disclosed; • that the data, subject to your consent, may be communicated to distance selling businesses, sharing the same objectives, which sell articles in the following sectors: training equipment, clothing, accessories, footwear, dietary supplements, books, publishing, hardware/software, cosmetic products; • that the data may be communicated to specifically appointed subjects such as employees or other collaborators for the operations required or connected to the sending of advertising material and the fulfilment of the order and to third parties carrying out or supplying specific services that are strictly related to the fulfilment of the contract, such as: • data entry, customisation and message enveloping companies; call centres; Poste Italiane S.p.a.; Companies supplying payment services; • that the customer has the right to obtain without delay: a) the confirmation of the existence of the personal data concerning him/her, even if they have not been recorded yet, and the communication in an intelligible form of their source, of the processing objectives and methods, and of the logic underlying the processing; b) the details concerning the identity of the holder and the person in charge c) the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form, or the blocking of data used in violation of the law; d) the updating, rectification or, where interested therein, completion of data; e) the statement that the operations of letters c) and d), as well as their content, have been notified to the subjects to whom the data were communicated or disseminated except when the provision of such information proves impossible or involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared with the right that is to be protected; f) to be aware of, having freely accessed the registry referred to in Art. 37 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, the existence of processed data that may concern him/her g) to object, free of charge, to the processing of personal data for purposes of sending advertising material or of direct sale. THE CUSTOMER CAN EXERCISE THE RIGHTS LISTED ABOVE IN ANY MOMENT AND WITHOUT THE SLIGHTEST COMPLICATION BY SENDING A SIMPLE REQUEST TO THE CONTROLLER OF THE DATA PROCESSING: OLYMPIAN'S S.R.L. Via Brodolini 35, 50063 Figline Valdarno (Firenze) Italia.

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