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Leggings Camo Combi - 246 - Camo Green

Leggings Camo Combi - 246 - Camo Green

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Leggings Camo Combi - 246 - Camo Green
The camo collection brings together roughness of camo design and softness of our finest materials. Whether you’re working out at the gym or walking down the street, you will get all the attention and feel comfortable at the same time. It’s all about the connection between design and comfort.

Camo leggings from our latest collection are set to become your most favorite piece of clothing in the wardrobe. Leggings are perfect for your Leg Day or relaxed outdoor cardio workout. In addition to the visual design and finest materials, leggings are specially designed and shaped to emphasize your butt and create so-called Brazilian butt effect while retaining the full range of motion during your deep squats workout.

90% cotton, 10% lycra
Codice NEB246-camogreen
Brand Nebbia
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