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Peso Ivanko OMEZS 10Kg (coppia)

Peso Ivanko OMEZS 10Kg (coppia)

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Peso Ivanko OMEZS 10Kg

Pesi in ghisa con foro da 50 mm

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Ivanko's E-Z lift plates with slots feature a traditional round shape with our multi opening slotted E-Z lift design. Our plates incorporate 7 openings, not just 2 or 3. These extra openings dramatically improve handling off the floor and on and off machines or bars. IVANKO E-Z lift plates are the same diameter as conventional round Olympic plates and easily integrate with existing plates in the facility. This allows any facility to add E-Z lift plates, without having to discard their older plates.
Features Benefits

* IVANKO deep-dish, E-Z lift plate design.
* OMEZ plates are machined.
* OMEZ plates are round, same diameter as standard olympic plates.
* All holes are machine drilled and holes are checked with go/no-go gauges.
* OMEZ round "E-Z roll" design.
* Plates are accurate. Average weight +/- 2%.
* All openings are radius and smooth, rounded edges.
* OM plates are painted with IVANKO specially formulated polyester-based paint with contrasted lettering. We use an electrostatic process and bake the plates for at least 1 hour.
* All sets are packed on a wooden pallet or in a wooden crate.
* Available in 45, 35, 25 pound.

* Easy to lift and grab due to the (7) openings.
* Machined plates are smoother and fit together on the bar more closely for much less wear and better balance.
* Easy to integrate into any facility with conventional round Olympic plates.
* Plates fit correctly, perpendicular to bar without a hard edge to rub the bar.
* Our plates roll, making it easier to position on bar for dead lifts, our plates can be used for all floor exercises.
* Better accuracy for a higher quality performance plate. IVANKO 45-lb. plates will never weigh 50 or 55 lbs.
* Maximum comfort when grabbing, no sharp edges or points.
* Our gray hammertone polyester-based paint is superior to enamel others are using. The finish is tougher and harder and looks better than a regular gray enamel.
* Easy to ship and pallet protects plates. Also, easier to use pallet jack for unloading & warehousing.
* Not necessary in 10, 5, 2.5 lb. We don't rip-off customers and force them to pay twice as much as they should for light weight plates in sizes where E-Z lift is not needed.
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