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Peso Ivanko Classic O2B 5 Libbre (coppia)

Peso Ivanko Classic O2B 5 Libbre (coppia)

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Peso Ivanko Classic O2B 5 Libbre (2,270 kg cad.)

ideale come Microcarico
Foro centrale 50 mm

Prezzo riferito a 2 pezzi

I pesi venduti indicano un codice O2B questo codice dato dalla IVANKO indica che il peso è di seconda scelta (Olympic seconda scelta colore Nero).
La seconda scelta indica che il peso può essere graffiato in magazzino ma non usato.
Peso Ivanko Classic O2B 5 Libbre

Economy Black Painted Olympic Plates
This plate has the same structural integrity as our "O" plate but at an "economy" price. The plate is black and is for the budget minded consumer.
Features Benefits

* IVANKO deep-dish, lip plate design.
* OM plates are high quality precision casting.
* All holes are machine drilled and holes are checked with go/no-go gauges.
* Plates are accurate. Average weight +/- 2%.
* O2B plates are painted with IVANKO specially formulated polyester-based paint with contrasting lettering. We use an electrostatic process and bake the plates for at least 1 hour.
* All sets are packed on a wooden pallet or in a wooden crate.

* Easy to lift and grab due to the deep-dish, lip design.
* Ivanko plates are smoother and fit together on the bar more closely for much less wear and better balance.
* Plates fit correctly, perpendicular to bar without a hard edge to rub on the bar.
* Better accuracy for a higher quality performance plate. IVANKO 45-lb. plates will never weigh 50 or 55 lbs.
* Our gray hamertone polyester-based paint is superior to enamel others are using. The finish is tougher and harder and looks better than a regular gray enamel.
* Easy to ship and pallet protects plates. Also, easier to use pallet jack for unloading & warehousing.
Codice IO2B_5lbs
Peso 5
Brand Ivanko
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