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Peso Ivanko R2B 1.25 libbre foro da 27 mm (coppia)

Peso Ivanko R2B 1.25 libbre foro da 27 mm (coppia)


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Peso Ivanko R2B 1.25 libbre

Pesi in ghisa con foro da 27 mm

Il prezzo si riferisce alla coppia di pesi - 2 pezzi


10,08 € 8,00 €
Cast Iron Economy Black Plates
Ivanko's economy cast iron black plates are made under the same exacting specifications as the "R" series but these are black standard painted and are not machined.
Features Benefits

* IVANKO R2B Grade II plates, average weight +/- 2%, economy casting, black
* All R2B plates have an accurately machine-drilled hole to fit the IVANKO bar. EP1.25B end plate is ductile cast iron, black textured finish.
* "R2B" plates are painted with a tough, black paint applied and baked for a minimum of 1 hour.

* Closer to actual weight of each size plate, or competition is +/- 5% at best.
* IVANKO R2B plates will fit perfectly on the barbell bar. No oversize hole, no slop in fitting plates of the bar as the other brands. EP-1.25B won't crack or break.
* Our economy plate is our promotional casting color. Priced for the budget customer but with all the accuracy, balance, and features of Ivanko plates.
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