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Il Power rack Streamline Powertec permette di allenarsi al limite in sicurezza e di ottenere un effetto di allenamento ottimale con bilanciere libero.
Il rack è ideale per fare esercizi con bilanciere, allenandosi nel Power Rack il rischio di "restare senza assistente" è molto più basso grazie ai supporti di sicurezza regolabili che sono posti nel Power Rack.

Inoltre, la gabbia Power Rack ha la barra alta per fare il muscle-up.

The Streamline Power Rack is designed based on our all-time favorite Workbench Power Rack. This rack comes with many of the standard features of the WB-PR with the commercial grade strength of 1000 lbs. load capacity. Looking for an economical Power Rack with the safety and capacity to lift heavy? The WB-PRS is your ideal choice.

Measures: 129 x 128 x 213 cm

Training with Safety:
The included Gravity-lock Safety Catch Bars can provide continuous safety support for up to 1000 lbs.
Expandable with Accessories:
The Power Rack frame is designed to accept a selected variety of Power Rack specific attachments to expand your training. You can also customize your Streamline Power Rack by adding the Streamline Utility Bench or the Streamline Lat/Row attachment.
Codice WB-PRS
Peso 80
Brand Powertec Fitness
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